April 6, 2008 at 5:22 (Health, News, Rants) (, , , , , )

Breaking news, everybody.  The Associated Press are reporting that Charlton Heston has died, ostensibly from complications due to Alzheimers.

So, in the budding moments of poor taste’s reign, let me be the first to say: good riddance.

The late lunatic waves his gun about

My generation, at least, knows Heston more for his villainous turn as the final boss in Bowling For Columbine, and while I’m well aware so-called documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has a habit of canny editing and picture plays and generally powning the truth, this fella – whatever his history, however much of a following his movies got him – needed to be gone.  Far away from the living world and the people that make a home there.  In his later years, as the figurehead of the NRA, he condoned the notion of guns under your pillows, spoke out for cold-blooded killers across North America and all the world.

Let’s be clear here.  Alzheimers doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun.  I’m sure the end came as a relief to him, and I wouldn’t wish death or disease on anyone.  But he did nothing but harm, and he got a disese, and he died.  And I can’t say the world’s not a better place without him.  This trigger-happy mentality has to stop, and the self-righteous fools that encourage it are as reponsible as the bastards that perpetrate gun crime.  The world does not need you or your like, Heston, and I for one don’t want you near it.


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