All Thing Unbush

May 25, 2008 at 3:27 (Music, Rants)

Damn you Gavin Rossdale, damn you.

I loved Bush.  From Sixteen Stone right through to Golden State, there was precious little about Bush that I didn’t enjoy.  At least in the circles that surround me, Bush aren’t exactly the most popular of bands, but all you haters can go to hell – music doesn’t need indiscernible metal screaming to be worthwhile any more than it needs that old chestnut, the Top bloody 40.  When Bush broke up after what was arguably their finest hour, I lamented another in a long line of losses.  Skunk Anansie were gone, and the Smashing Pumpkins too.

Tell me, musicians: why are you suddenly more capable without a band to back you up?  How is the talent of one individual more worth exploring than the collective talents of an ensemble?  Billy Corgan, the fool, learned that lesson well enough – The Smashing Pumpkins are back now, apparently; although what remains of the genius they used to embody is debatable.  And where did Skin from Skunk Anansie go?  Where are your Charlie Big Potatoes now, I wonder?

So when Gavin Rossdale decided Bush wasn’t for him anymore, I felt a little glum and went on with my life.  And then: Institue.  What a waste of time that little project was.  Lesson learned, you’d think.  Get the band back together and recapture your identity, Rossdale – be something more than just Gwen Stefani’s shadow puppet.  But no.  It’s time, instead, for a solo album, a torrent of which was leaked at the usual haunts yesterday.  Know this, constant readers: it is just… appaling.  Rossdale is obviously out to emulate the classic Bush of yore, but Wanderlust falls flat everywhere that counts.  Empty, hollow, tired and utterly unappealing – epic fail, as teh internets say.  The voice is all it has, and this isn’t spoken word Rossdale, this is music.  Swallow your pride and go begging – then, maybe, I’ll think about caring again.

Incidentally, the same goes for you, Stefani.  I miss Spiderwebs.


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