Black and Blue and Red All Over

May 28, 2008 at 14:27 (Movies, Rants, Reviews, Tech, Video Games) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

My second review for Ace Gamez – that motley lot of British game journos fool enough to initiate me into the gang – is up on the front page now.  Click through here to read how I craftily temper my disappointment with Condemned 2: Bloodshot with a diatribe about the heretofore unparallelled genius of the first level of Criminal Origins, the first game in what has become an apparent go-to franchise for F.E.A.R developers Monolith.  I’m perversely pleased that my review has dropped the Metacritic average for the game a point – honestly, the overwhelming enthusiasm with which some press outlets heralded the release of Condemend 2 has me at something of a loss.  It’s a pretty game, to be sure, scary and tense and assuredly excellent at times, but fundamentally flawed; you might even say broken, at least from the halfway point.  Head on over the read the rest.


In other news, today marks the fifth day since my 46′ Sharp Aquos LCD took leave of its senses and ran away with some repair-people.  It suffered from excruciating banding since the day I bought it, which – although it wasn’t enough to convince the appaling Sharpserv customer service to sort it out – has since developed into a rather more obvious problem: alternate lines of pixels dying altogether.  Thankfully I sprung for an extended warranty and the repair agent has recommened my insurers cough up on the new-for-old policy I took out.  Excellent news indeed.

But in the meantime, no TV, no games, no Blu-ray.  I’ve been prodigiously productive since my baby left me, but I’d take her back in an instant – if only to tide me over until I can talk my way into a new (and perhaps slightly bigger… oh yes) model.

Later tonight or tomorrow, All Things Uncertain readers can look forward to a spontaneous little riff on what to expect of the spectacular season of Summer movies that await us.  I mostly mean the new Batman, of course.


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