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June 7, 2008 at 13:27 (Music, Rants, Video Games) (, , , , , )

Say it ain’t so, Harmonix – tell me you’re just fooling about.

The Blasphemer

£150 is a lot of money.  Here in grand old Euroland Rock Band just came out, and the thought of a sequel so soon makes my skin crawl, quite frankly.  Harmonix: you promised there would have to be a compelling reason for a sequel.  You promised to support the game through DLC, and we’re only just beginning to see the full capabilities of that facility brought to bear.  Keep on releasing the full albums, satisfy your fans – no-one really needs Keyboard Hero and I don’t see any such thing on the potential cover.  So why a new box product; another unneccesary sequel?

Money is why, Harmonix, and don’t for a minute think we don’t – every one of us – see it.

Stop the badness.



  1. Dead_By_Dawn said,

    A new box sequel/expansion pack? I can see the reasons why.

    DLC isn’t the best revenue option for the company as it means people get to pick and choose which songs they download.

    If a new game is released, then they’ll shift a lot more songs people might never otherwise buy. After all, all they’d need to do is package the same game with a slightly different interface and maybe a new game mode. And therefore make (potentially) a boatload more cash.

    All things considered, it does seem quite pointless. Especially given the avenue for constant expansion of the game through DLC.

    If they make DLC cross-compliant (works across both games) then that could soften the blow. If that were to happen it would make the release of a sequel a wee bitty pointless, though less like a kick straight to the crotch of consumers (especially in Europe).

    To sum up: Fuck you Harmonix and your crazy money-making schemes. Stick with the DLC!

  2. Dead_By_Dawn said,

    Okay a bit harsh sum up I’ll admit, but I really hate it when companies say one thing and do another.

  3. allthingsuncertain said,

    Harsh but not far off the mark. You’re right that what really rubs about this unfortunate little leak is the hypocrisy of it; the whole time Harmonix have sat high and mighty over Activision and their competing Guitar Hero franchise. Rock Band is a platform, they said. Full albums through DLC, new songs week by week. And they’ve held true enough to that, while Activision have long since abandoned their efforts to the horizon behind. The notion of a Rock Band 2 just shouldn’t have come up. Not yet.

    Maybe in a few years, when they can give the game a thorough upgrade – to introduce a new instrument, for instance (but how would Keyboard Hero work?), or conform with new hardware or a better engine. But not now, not so soon. At this point, the notion of a Rock Band 2 just reeks of greed. Obviously Harmonix make a fuckload from sales of the Band in a Box. When sales of the box slow, put out a new box. It makes enough sense from a business standpoint, and perhaps it’s stupid of me to expect anything else from a business – even an utilitarian outfit like this dev team – but I can’t help but feel they’re undermining all the good their game and their words have done with unneccesary enfranchising.

    In all likelihood, though, we could be aiming our hatred at entirely the wrong team – don’t forget that Harmonix were bought up by MTV, and for all the avenues that sale opened up, they’re still under a rather large thumb.

    One thing I don’t think Harmonix will forsake, though, is DLC compliancy from one box product to an eventual other. My real fear is what happens to all this digital content I’ve paid real pounds for when the next generation happens along…

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