Le Festivitiesesies

December 16, 2008 at 17:28 (Hype, News)

It’s been quiet enough around these here parts that you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d lapsed back to the animal inside of me and taken to stalking the Hillfoots region for tasty tourist TV dinners.  Not so.  How on God’s greenish-brown earth I managed to let a month slip away with nary an update – for shame – I don’t know, but my drafts have languished too long in the ethereal WordPress backend, and my Uncertainites, you dear few, shouldn’t under any circumstance be made to stand for such ominous silence.

There’ve been video-game reviews falling out of my fingers like I don’t know what – I’ll spare you the usual self-congratulatory links until my LocoRoco 2 article goes live – and I’ve submitted a few freelance pieces to an assortment of enthusiast-press editors in the erstwhile.  I applied for a job based as far away from here as I can get without leaving the UK; counter-intuitively, I might add, as when all is said and do, I do rather enjoy it here.  So there was that.  Then there was Christmas, I say, as if the hard part was over.  I’ve still got presents to get and there are more decorations to be hung, but the tree’s up, at least, and a day window-shopping Amazon took care of most of my nearest and dearest’s gifts.  Excuso numero uno, however, has to be more work on the book.  It may actually be something; who’d have thunk it?

Anyway.  I mean for All Things to pick up some over the holidays.  First and foremost, it’s time for year-end Top Tens and the like.  There shall be talk of the best video games, of course, but also movies, TV shows and more.  Notable exceptions will likely include comics and music; I don’t know that I feel qualified to offer up my opinions on either of those media through 2008 – I’ve neither read nor heard enough for my particularly variety of judgements to be worth much to anyone.  Nonetheless, prepare for the good times to roll.

Roll up, roll up… down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

[Secret good times mode unlocked]


Soundtrack to this entry: Aimee Mann – Deathly (Live) *chuckles*


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