Around the World With the NXE

November 19, 2008 at 17:21 (The Funs, Video Games) (, , , , , , )

Kotaku just unearthed an excellent little friend-with-benefits of the self-anointed New Xbox Experience in the form of this URL:

I’d link it all nice but the point isn’t to click it – resist temptation, fair Uncertainites; opt instead for the magic of CTRL-C, substituting “GAMERTAG” with your Live ID before advising your browser accordingly.  It all seems far too straightforward a system to have come from Microsoft, but the shiny new dashboard (more on that later, perhaps) is all about adjusting expectations.  The end product of the process above coughs up a handy transparent .png file for you to save and shortly abuse in Photshop or your graphics package of choice.

For your pleasure, a few for instances.  Not inappropriately, here’s the flagship Fenix:

Me and Marcus, Ain't It Grand
Me and Marcus, Ain’t It Grand

 Little known fact: avatars are backwards compatible with Amiga 500 games:

Shadow of the Niallalot
Shadow of the Niallalot
But we can do better than retro videogamers, surely.  Imagination shall be our only limit!
One Small Step for Avatars

One Small Step for Avatars

Nicely played, MS.  I am amused.

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